nedjelja, 12. rujna 2010.

The New Chevrolet Aveo

The New Chevrolet Aveo brings sophisticated style in the small car segment. The production version of the Aveo will be first introduced at the Paris Motor Show, the new Aveo will be available on the market in the summer 2011th year. On forthcoming Paris Motor Show Chevrolet will not miss the prime minister. Already announced a multi-purpose experimental Cruzeu Orlando and the hatchback version will join the eagerly awaited five-door Chevrolet Aveo, which will, as in Orlando, now first be presented to the world the production version. Demo car Aveo RS was exposed to a car exhibitions in Detroit and Geneva at the beginning of 2010th, and now with the final production version of Chevrolet has a car that looks as good as a concept that preceded it.
Coming in a very competitive small car segment, an impressive design elements of the new Chevrolet Aveo include aggressive front end with a high double headlamps and dual grid, compact karoserijske panels with a raised shoulder line and short rear overhang, hidden rear door handles, which are now located at the C- beam profile and the bulging wheel is a familiar part of the new Chevrolet's design philosophy. The new Aveo is a bit reminiscent of the recently launched Spark and undoubtedly will take their sports, high-performance look like younger buyers. Sedan with a four-door variant will appear in next summer along with five-door performance. Both versions are practical small cars with lots of space in the cabin and Chevrolet expects the new Aveo also appeal to families, as well as its predecessor, which proved a popular choice for family men. New Chevrolet Aveo came out to light after a thorough development program, and the result is a small car that will hit the tastes of European buyers when it comes to design and dynamics. Extreme specifications of the new Aveo will be carefully tailored to each individual European market.
Wayne Brannon, president and executive director of Chevrolet Europe, said: "This is a very exciting time for the Chevrolet team. Not only do we have new models in its segment and compact multipurpose vehicles, but with Aveom have a car that is ready for the clash with the best competitors in the segment small car, which is also the largest segment in Europe. The new Aveo is longer and wider than its predecessor, which allows a spacious interior and luggage capacity are among the best in its class. Interior design may bring even more surprises than outside, particularly in the area of the instrument that inspired the engine and comes with an analog tachometer combined with a digital speedometer and warning lights. The central console has the blue backlight, while the entire front of the cab leaves obgrljujući impression.

Front console can be in the desired color and extends from the dashboard to the driver's door and suvozačkih. Aveo buyers will also appreciate the exceptional quality of materials used in the interior of the cabin and various storage compartments in the central part, and modern audio system with USB port, headphone jack and Bluetooth. Reflecting the sporty character of a small Chevrolet, Aveo is designed to provide a true sports management, which is a feature that allows part of its integrated solid body structure, which provides additional torsional rigidity - the strongest in the small car segment. The chassis of the new Aveo has been thoroughly tuned to meet the needs of European drivers, and drive a sense of proportion that management brings a combination of comfort and high manageability. Electronic power steering and electronic stability control with ABS brakes will be standard equipment. With the new Aveom will be available to the rich offer četverocilindričnih petrol and diesel engines with the latest technologies such as variable valve timing, dual continuously variable stroke crankshaft and common-rail fuel injection for diesel engines. Bids gasoline engines includes two 1.2-liter versions (with 70 and 86 hp), 1.4-liter engine (100 hp) and 1.6-liter (115 hp). For the first time Aveo will be offered with two versions of the 1.3-liter diesel engines (75 and 95 hp) with technology Start / Stop. Chevrolet's first six-speed automatic transmission on a small car will be available with Aveom 1.4 and 1.6 as options in most markets. Manual transmissions are five or six-speed, depending on the choice of engine.

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