petak, 17. rujna 2010.

Donation from the Festival of the Tomato

Charity of the Festival of the Tomato, which is traditionally organized in Umag always be a positive emotion. Visitors like to buy portions of dishes prepared with pasta and tomato Podravka products because they know they will enjoy the good taste to help a noble action.
This year the organizers intention Tourist Board and the Town of Umag was that with the support of Podravka collect a higher amount is necessary for the treatment of five girls Nike Kresic. The Festival of tomatoes, held on 25 August, collected 21,061 kuna, a small donation to the Niki jointly presented by Mayor Willie Bassanese Umaga, his deputy Mauro Jurman, Director of Locksmith TZ Sanda Radizlović and director of sales of Podravka in the Istrian region, John instructed.
Podravka aims to build better relationships with the local community in which it operates and so for several years support the Day of tomatoes through which successfully communicate with our subcontractors and our customers. We are particularly proud of the humanitarian part of the Festival of the Tomato and the possibility that a company with a heart assist vulnerable individuals and groups. The fate of small Nike which is necessary for a special coffee treat, we were very touched and we are really happy that we, together with the city of Umag and the Tourist Board help in its acquisition. But it is all together, we felt this good, "said John instructed.
In addition to the money, the parents thanked the small Nike and moral support that they received in their efforts to ease the everyday life of their sick little girl.


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