petak, 10. rujna 2010.

Award - the Golden Kuna local businessmen

Acknowledgments most successful businessmen leaning counties were awarded this Thursday at a session of the Economic Council of the County Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Koprivnica. Golden Marten is awarded at the county level in more categories, so that for a special contribution to the development of the economy Gold dollar received Rasco Company Ltd. which is the largest manufacturer of utility equipment in this part of Europe, and employs 105 workers. The most successful small company is a company Širjan Ltd. which boasts a long tradition of family agricultural production has started '70s. The most successful medium-sized companies were named Harmony Podravska trade doo Đurđevac and Sizim d.o.o. from Legrad. The most successful wholesale company, Carlsberg Croatia doo, among the banks that is Podravska Bank, and the crystal dollar for the most successful big company three years in a row won križevački worker. Awards were presented by representatives of company Vesna Želježnjak deputy mayor, prefect Darko Koren, MP Stephen Milinkovic, HGK Vice President for Regional Development Vidulin Sime, head of the Office of the President of the Chamber of Commerce Zdenka Peternel, vice president of parliament of Croatia Josip Friscic and president of HGK HR Koprivnica Miroslav Vitković who congratulated to businessmen expressed hope that the Awards are an incentive to achieve even better results in the economy of our county.

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