nedjelja, 12. rujna 2010.

FB seagulls or fraud on the most sophisticated way

Facebook - The global Internet network, in 2004. The advanced and created a successful Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg contributed to the welfare and benefits of connectivity in terms of socialization, interpersonal relations and society. The young lucid expert, innovator, certainly not, nor suspected to be linked with a few clicks of the whole world and make millions of dollars. The network was first intended only for university students to better communicate and be networked for their information. They later adopted by other universities and schools, large companies and therefore the company has grown into a global scale. Today, this site includes five hundred million users. Facebook became the most important and most visited web based world. Today it connects close friends, and networking and connecting all those who share and / or common interests, it is used by scientists for scientific purposes for the benefit of scientific projects.

As befits today's modern age, most people associate it to keep in touch with their dear friends, lovers, lovers, and all those with whom they want to come together emotionally, business, or any other rasons.    Some users is possible to present the best find, using his PR skills learned or acquired. At this intenet headquarters of each user is allowed to publish lots of photos for all its promotion. I thought that would be applicable in this network among the 'friends' perfect and how it works in the field of culture and protocol, and by the rules as required by Mark Zuckerberg! But not everything is as perfect as it seems. Some FB only serves to take advantage of their free boiling, some of the exhibitions, or to publish his suicide, intent to murder and the like. All that is human and component life, even if viewed through a different focus.
Love to study and to analyze some extraordinary human phenomenon, intentions and actions, in order to perceive the new situation. I knew I had to ask what the word 'gull' normally referring to the bird, but the man. Seagulls remind me a nice blue sea and the mischievous and unpredictable bird whose cry of steam clouds and drives fear into the bones of fish. In fact, Seagate is an allegory of a man seeking a lover / partner, or will the shore. Definition? These are men who are engaged in special operations in order to satisfy his lust, or just feed the ego, actually looking female companions in an explicit, almost always for sex.

Recently I was told my girl friend very interesting story about this phenomenon, which is settled and FB-network. You may be wondering, what has this strange or new, when everything was old. Oh no, I just wanted a little more to know you with sophisticated seagulls, and to record the phenomenon of the modern era in the form of virtual work and Caleb Facebook. Namely, the above mentioned phenomena exist in large social networks such as FB and have their own modern methods that are in line with modern times, to win women. Experience tells me that they are particularly interesting in the beauty cajka-style. So look at them or intellectual image just does not pass. In the end what they intelligent women, they are always prone to complicated emotional demands, and furthermore, are boring and difficult to understand if the gull is not enough trouble, because it is already too much for him. With this first is always a lot easier. So FB seagulls flying, going from one to another profile, knocking on the doors add to the issue? oddabranim women. Of course any man who thinks the knocks on his door, and what messages they carry, rather than simply accepting the request and that the story ended. They look at profiles, which can exchange messages and photos to be acquainted with new friends, all in accordance culture and good relations. Facebook gulls doing it in a sophisticated and efficient manner.

Not looking for true friend but a friend, but only for sex. And not to waste time, to work simultaneously on multiple profiles, in order to improve the quality and you get istvovremno partner, or more of them in the shortest possible time. First, start with a pleasant and general conversation, then do add, both sides agree for friendship. The second phase of talks is an invitation for a coffee and a deal for a bed. It sometimes happens complicated phenomenon. Some beautiful women realize that they broke into the trap of friendship only and exclusively for the purpose of sex that are not ready with a friend-a seagull, and not only for this purpose at his profile, then move out of friendship for one's life or the latter altogether, because he does not serve a purpose, and created his jammed Facebook profile. It is an interesting situation, when FB-gull at the same time trying to 'handle' a few prijatelice simultaneously, which are also good friends with each other and he or she does not care for it or does not know or do not want to just waste time, and thus cause chaos and confusion, and more who knows who is friend or foe. He takes the 'broom'. 'Take away' and mutual good friends for a gull, for each courted them violated his lies and big words, and each is thought to have been addressed only to her. Seeing how things led up to the critical point, rising wings and fly back to their nest, it turns, looking for a new beauty which will land on the profile. I'm sorry, I have not met any Galebica. Actually this is somewhat a good idea to find a sex partner, if the mutual satisfaction and trust, with passion and emotion added.

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