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Sweet love E-story

Last Saturday I went on a trip to our beautiful beach. There I have a house overlooking the sea, surrounded by fragrant lavender. The ground floor rooms dnevi room and family gatherings, and on the first floor there are rooms for rent, hedonism, meditation and intimacy .... Here I like to spend the most time. I love to walk the halls naked when I get back from swimming has tanned days of the judge-rays with crystals of salt that we tightens the skin and gives me a sense of unlimited freedom and pleasure, awakening in me eros and passion and desire for sexual pleasure. I am, I brought along a partner, I left was to enjoy each on its side, it is in the city, and I at sea. I had a job that I should do to knock, even with my other one works. I brought a plan that will eventually end up stairs in the villa, which descend from the upper chamber down in aulu. Am red velvet brought to them overlaid. I did not really worked and I was not really willing to do any job except for holidays and leisure.
I think that we at least bring the mistral Sirena to enjoy together. In my head I started to create a real vortex of emotions and passions. I thought that I must get a job, because you will not do anything. I took the tool, velvet and tei began to tailor scissors, tailor and the tailor, coverings for stairs.
Suddenly my view takes away something, almost blurred my sight and I did not know anything anymore, and I was in a state of trance, and my thighs are tightening and the flicker of excitement. I saw a beautiful creature in transparent white dress that gracionzni step down down my stairs, bodies such as the Greek goddess with a table of sea foam, under the dress was completely naked and had nothing, just discerned a perfect butt and hips. That was what I saw. Suddenly my thoughts stopped the sound of sirens from a distance shipping. Suddenly we all return to the normal world. Sadly, I had to part ways in such a way with her beauty, I decided to move on to work.
When I went up to the part Tavna and sought a piece of wood and strips are we supposed to complete the staircase. All I had to work hard and beads of sweat were pouring me a number of eyes and face, I was really all wet. I sat down to rest a bit, and we looked at things around them.
Suddenly I saw something strange through a small hole in the bottom of the apartment. I thought that the door is open and anyone could get into, but let someone come to me at least a real society. Outside the heat was unbearable, and more difficult to help. I looked at a red mattress, a woman on it, right beauty nymph. Few prilegla on my bed. Thrown to the back of the legs, and a highly mzadigla dress, could be discerned were meaty and round hips. It was well built. I started sweating and my heart began to switch into overdrive. The young woman muttered something, 'fuck bra' and dismissed him across the table, the same garment is made, there were two perfect breasts with dark nipples. Her dress was a red color that is perfectly suited her slender body and a sunny and clear of pink lace panties dazzled her thighs. I stopped all stiff. I just came to it slowly so that he was afraid his sudden appearance. He did not give confuse. Calling me to join her on a red mattress. I went like lightning in her embrace. Pat me and put his hand on my hard stiff body, she took my hand and drew her thighs. I took off her lace panties, slowly kissing each part of her femininity. Juices began to mingle with each other, and we sweat a colander series of spine. Attracted me to him, razmaknula her thighs and spread your legs, and my limb is fit perfectly in its depth. We started with sexual activity, it was orgasmic ecstasy of dancing in space. Everything was wet from the juices in the physical union of two bodies that have reached its peak in lust and erotic. So wet and naked, we went into the sea to refresh and to unite in a beautiful sea surface in the lunar rays. Tu me poetry and pripila with me like a real sea siren, my member is still entered into it, enjoying its warmth and waves. We continued to be conjugate under the surface, and we stopped. It was najlljepši weekend I spent with her horn, which ćeme welcome every time I come to your villa.
I realized that this was a unique moment in my life that is actually marked my life, filled it with love and spirituality. It does not always happen in life. The right things happen only once, that it can be completely filled out and give him the strength and love. I am a man as a lack of the human race, and sex is an elixir that restores spiritual and physical energy. In fact they met all of Maslow's needs of water the right way of life of accomplishment, satisfaction and union.

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