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Oysters - known as one of the most famous aphrodisiacs in the world. According to stories, Casanova allegedly knew a day and eat 50 pieces. The oysters have very little fat, and are therefore ideal as a light meal lover, but they contain very many mineral substances, such as zinc, which affects the increase in testosterone levels. Serve them perfectly fresh, raw and slurp out of their shell, plus a few drops of lemon juice. Apricots - The skin is velvety soft, while the fruit, if not ignored, hard, but very juicy. Many do not often associated with women's buttocks, so it is not surprising that some of view it can accelerate blood flow. Artichokes - rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber, artichokes are nutritionally valuable vegetables. I have already their appearance awakens the imagination and a variety of nice association. Slip cooked artichoke is fun to nibble and suck slowly, with delicious baking. The most practical is to cook artichokes in salted water (40 minutes), add a little lemon juice, 3 teaspoons of mustard, salt and pepper. Strawberries - Some call them the fruit of love because of their bright red color and wonderful taste that leaves in combination with champagne and chocolate. Although rich in vitamins (especially C) and many other valuable ingredients in erotic games is more important is their taste, color and symbolism. There will always be the ideal romantic detail on the table. Pineapple - healthy, refreshing and delicious, the pineapple is a great aphrodisiac. The recipe for "hot" night - with a little chili pineapple, honey and rum, with a sumptuous cream. Pomegranate (Pomegranate,

pomegranate) - seductive fruit with bright red sweet and bitter seeds of the old symbol of love and passion. The perfect recipe - remove the rod from its seeds, put them into two martini glasses high and spinning well chilled Martini. Asparagus - contains a number of mineral ingredients, are a powerful diuretic and cleaned in the spring that every time a good shake and gives energy after a long winter. Their interesting flavor, soft texture and an oblong form visually enrich each plate, being a feeling of satisfaction and sexual desire. Figs - from ancient times to be fantasy and erotic charge.

Their soft flesh with its appearance and color reminiscent of the vaginal area. And so wicked easily come to mind. Not to mention how many of us their sweetness important energy supplies for long sexy games. But not only good for sex, but also for good health, a broad smile and a sense of sensuality ... Discover the magic of most erotic foods and find out why they were serving the most fun and exciting - in bed. Next super recipes
for hot games.

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