petak, 11. lipnja 2010.

Monsters and freaks, Gilbert & George at MSU in Zagreb

Maybe for our society unacceptable, I have a real attraction, I admire them and just love them. They are two old cooler. Impose my question is: who are they really? Perfect two beings in the universe with perfect harmony in daily life and artistic expression. Adorned them symmetrical creative power and energy. They are not twins. They are free and they love it, make love and war. From their Karisma savrešna created paintings that not one visitor leave no one indifferent. Impose my thoughts and knowledge, that every person on earth or in space has its counterpart. 'Stars' were combined to the one being.

Two extravagant artists Gilbert & George, who svojiom non-verbal communication speaks the most about themselves and their creativity. In an unusual alliance are, old, nice, inseparable, unburdened by modern technology, do not use the Internet, but hectograph, truly unthinkable in the 21 Century!? They walk together side by side, like siamese twins and step. They say the reason that, by chance some of them will fall and not to run over a car. They wear the same color and cut of clothes, shoes, ties, pants, socks and glasses. Food in the same restaurant, they like the same foods, live modestly and relaxed. In other words sincerely greeted force to promote unity between the partners and society. Old duo who says that they have young fans, and I am one of them, presented his impressive work at MSU in Zagreb, on this occasion and cut the cake and danced on the terrace of the Hotel Regent as a real couple, in honor of the birthday of Queen britnaske. The artists individual attitudes and prustupa expression in his works are almost always used the symbolism of the British flag, and everyday pathetic and uninteresting topics in society, which is unthinkable without the existence: money, sex, hope, love, violence, AIDS, divorce.

All of this deal in a sophisticated way to drown feelings into abstract realms, which have their story. Observers are in a situation that fully activates the brain. The exhibition is called 'Jack Freak Pictures' what it actually is, causing many issues to visitors, and leaves no one indifferent. Opsjedniti the symbolism of the British flag, which fascinates me, because the flag consists of graphic print embedded more crosses into the unique relationship that has a strong symbolic message to the geometric emphasis. In fact, crosses represented a symbol of the Crusades, they are a symbol of suffering and pain of the Christians. In fact they represent something good and bad, all depends on which time and social belonging which is what they prillazi. Same thing with the swastika, which is sibol Eastern culture that represents a symbol of peaceful, and while in Nazi Germany belonged to Hitler as a weapon to destroy people, and thus became the infamous and hated symbol during the Second World War. Hitler was the good or well, had put the poor, while Gilbert & George a bad blend of well-being.

Looking forward to the duo says, that the age of brilliant thing because you can have sex with someone three times younger than himself, and still not finished in prison. Because we are active as never before. Unencumbered operation. I would say that this duo has successfully transferred the past to the future, where he stayed.

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