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The inflation of picture - the price in sausages

With economic inflation paragraph is a term that indicates the excessive increase in commodity supplies or services on the market, which leads to a general imbalance between supply and demand. Then the value of goods, supplies and services falls, and reduces their value. In setting monetary inflation is excess money supply in circulation, which reduces its value, which results by increasing the prices of goods and services, reduced employment, and the resulting cutback of growth of real GDP.

Mostly Inflation is a total imbalance of goods, money, supplies and services, which disturbs their value in the market. Why am I so inviting about this concept? In this talk I will show that the value of the paintings on the market. Although the recession touched all aspects of economic and social life, the recession is certainly felt in the market picture. Too much is offering a large range of questionable quality painting works, which leads to a disturbing perception of real value and artistic value and quality strpane all in one bag, which is hard to find. The reason is that su'dobri 'painters wandered among the poor, so are unaware of their own artistic values and skills, reducing the value of the work. In other words, it all comes down to a couple of sausages and a bad wine, for which all of them willing to give his 'works' to 'a purpose'.

Specifically, watch for a long time the army of local amateur artists of all classes, so those who began to paint 'yesterday' or when they find themselves in retirement that is out of pure boredom, and those that have already achieved some fame, and so you're sure ' name 'and quality, they are destroyed in an instant, which contributed to their behavior.

I would say, it's nice and socially beneficial to the people together, stjecajući new acquaintances, technique and expression, and teamwork can always learn more, occasions or events such as group exhibitions or colonies. My focus considerations linked to review art colony. Actually important to me is their approach. I always wonder where these pictures end up? If they are designed homanitarno in favor of the needy, the sick, the poor, the gallery holdings, it is a praiseworthy gesture. In this occasions should be classified Author: (for example, will please art colony, which is held every year in the House for the elderly and infirm in Koprivnica), and the images remain to equip dormitory space, are also fixed and setup.

Let's go on. Organizers mainly serve cunning and in the simplest way I can obtain a picture to edit your business or private placements of type, pastry shop, restaurant, apartments and more. Call the army in the colony of artists in their own private property, giving them cloth, sausage for lunch, homemade bad wine so happy diverse artists spend a full day stay in wine yard painting  more worthless 'art-pictures' especially those that arise on the basis of technology and knowledge fast going local 'art school'. Why do I say? In fact, soon I had the opportunity to convince the hard disorder and amateur, who had read out a list of files from the catalog for an exhibition in which the dimensions of the files were written as they do not write, these are the basic elements of painting that artists have to know, especially those who attended a "school", and the master has not learned? At the same time create a reason for the dispute by a reputable company that their patrons. In other words, spoil the reputation .... In fact they do not know that the image dimensions determined by visual display or by object. It is known that vrijdnost works based on originality, expression, or manuscripts. In this case the situation happens, when you look at all these pictures, we get the impression of monotony visual experience, one author. It is with that, we can determine the inflation of ideas and creativity. There would not have included orthodox naive painter and some who have their own considerable experience and reputation as a painter. The only fully appreciate them, and could be enumerated on the fingers of one hand and those nenaivnog expression, which does not need to put a signature on file and are known from the first view they belong

Conclusion: why to take pictures at all and appear on the market, when everyone can get to the colony, treat  painters sausages and homemade wine. Wonder did they fall for it. However, there are those who keep to themselves, and will not be exposed to ridicule by giving your images have not  and sausages. Mention  the order established painter, but found that customers, no matter what you do not appear in all kinds of colonies.



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