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Strawberry and Chocolate


1st For medium and

Put buerre petit biscuits in freezer bags, close and Crush biscuits with a dough roller to remain higher bits crumbs.

Sift flour into bowl, add other ingredients and mix with a paddle mixer. Finally stir biscuit crumbs.

Shortcrust pastry briefly mixed in a little lightly floured work surface. Roll it into a deeper plate (30-40) greased.

2nd Dough II
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For the dough II mix flour with cocoa powder is baking powder and sift into a bowl. Add the other ingredients, pastry making stirring about 2 minutes with electric mixer at maximum speed.

The dough was distributed to the ground, carefully align and place the sheet in oven electric oven to 180 degrees Baking time 20-25 min.


Baked dough into place on the grid sheet cake, leave to cool.

4th For the stuffing I
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chop chocolate with a knife for peeling vegetables. Wash the strawberry and let it drain, cut into pieces and add sugar.

Soak gelatin as directed on envelope. Beat cream firm.

Dissolve gelatin slowly squeeze on low heat (do not boil) and stir quickly whip.

Add strawberries and grated chocolate, spread the batter and align.

Place buttered dough 2 hours in the cold.
5th for filling II

Soak gelatin. Break up the chocolate into pieces and dissolve in the steam at low heat with constant stirring.

Yoghurt Mix with sugar. Dissolve gelatin mix the yogurt with a bit of weight, and stir in the remaining crowd of yoghurt.

In the end, careful mix chocolate.                       

Weight of the chocolate and yogurt carefully spread the whipped cream with strawberries and align.

Put two hours in the cold.
6th for ornamentation and decoration

Cut cake into squares. Break up the chocolate into pieces and melt with oil.

On each square place by a drop of chocolate and chocolate are the current arrange washed and dried strawberries.


Friable substrates

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125g Petit Beurre biscuits with chocolate sauce

150g wheat flour

2 flat tablespoons baking powder

75g sugar

1omot vanilla sugar

125g butter

Dough II

200g wheat flour

15g cocoa powder

Straight 3 tablespoons baking powder

75g sugar

4 eggs

100ml oil

100g natural yoghurt     

for filling and

100g milk chocolate with yoghurt

500g strawberries

50 g sugar

7 sheets of white gelatin

400g whipping cream

For filling II

3 sheets of white gelatin

400g natural yoghurt   

75 g sugar

100g dark chocolate 70% cocoa

For decoration

75 g dark chocolate

1 tablespoon Oil

100 g small strawberries

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