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I was surprised last week by reading the latest research on fat and guzi, in which experts of the British University of Oxford claim that overweight and fat women on the buttocks for good health! Before reviewing the enclosed survey wonder we mean by overweight and fat, because we know that excess pounds may not be closely associated with excess fat. I've never been inclined to research media report without complete results and facts. If you are writing about the benefits of fat on guzi, I would like to say at certain scales, because we know that everyone has their own standard for "full" and "little."
For this reason, I would like to emphasize, because up to now has nowhere to put, that this is probably for a small or only a moderate amount of fat on guzi which creates more hormone adiponectin, and he in turn protects the arteries and promotes a better ratio of blood sugar. It is well known and proven that a high percentage of total fat in the body adversely affecting the cardiovascular system.
Studies showing the benefit of fat does not go in favor of increased body fat. I accept that the fat in the buttocks area reduces the effect of harmful proteins that cause inflammation and clogged arteries, scientists have published in the journal International Journal of Obesity, but again the question of deposits. The thing is individual, I'm the fat thickness of several millimeters, some few inches, and some tens of centimeters. It is therefore essential that, if we want to bring in some recent research, we should definitely rule all the facts and the results obtained in this study. Some media are transferred "as research has shown that women with higher guzom have less chance of illness from heart disease and diabetes." Which means more butt? Who defines greatness? Models will be a size bigger butt "strawberry", while a woman who is not in the water butt to be bigger in size "watermelon." All this once again play on words.

Of course it does not advocate the size of the buttocks "strawberry" but also do not approve of laziness and inactivity. Personally, I have no sexier than a woman who kept to themselves and which never should have measures that are prescribed by some designers in order to make the woman walking skeletons . But we should keep to themselves regular intake of food and regular exercise, you certainly should. irrelevant, my dear, how you butt. be it small, big, greasy, fatty, it is essential that the strong, is the most beautiful scenes of the firm buttocks.
One should always povoditi for the latest research. It's nice to remember that you should not be a hanger, but do not forget that flabby body is neither good nor healthy. Receive a job, get up and go to practice.

How to get a firm butt?
The secret lies in hard bottoms in the exercise of power. Although the past 10-odd years ago designed a variety of devices and equipment, my long experience has shown me that good old squats, with a little modification techniques of performance, but the best way to quickly and effectively consolidating butt.

Bosu (half-ball) and a ballet bar is

Bosu Why? Bosu is the ideal foundation that you are its instability more focused on the activation of muscle fibers when performing exercises. In a short time you get better results. Plus - a few small tricks

Not sure whether to perform the exercises correctly, consult an expert. If you are still not persuaded to go to practice, try to practice secretly. Use every moment to achieve the buttocks like Beyonce:

1st walking butt squeezed

2nd While sitting or standing in line behind squeezed by ten times

3rd rolling climb the stairs from the fifth.

Finally do not forget that a firm butt eliminate back pain caused by poor posture, poor gait, inactivity and muscle atrophy.

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