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Podravka rooster crows again

 In more than 150 museums around the Croatian held on 28 January traditional museum activities "Museum Night". Most popular event in our area was in Hlebine where he officially opened the exhibition "Podravka pevcu the night of the museum," which began a program celebrating 80 years of Croatian naive art. In fact, back in 1931st The great master of Croatian Naive Art John Generalić with his mentor Hegedušić Cross organized the first exhibition in Zagreb Art Pavilion. Many art lovers gathered in Hlebine Gallery at the opening ceremony, and they welcomed the director of Koprivnica Municipal Museum Draženka Jalšić-Ernečić, CEO of Podravka Koprivnica and Miroslav Vitković Mayor Zvonimir Mrsic. - After 22 years, we heard the rooster cock-a-doodle-doo out of our basement and we decided to let them out to others out there constantly and we woke every morning. Year will be exhibited in the gallery Hlebine, then we want to pass around the Croatian and the world. Podravka except that there are quality people and brands, and has a great cultural heritage which we are proud to show the world. Podravka rooster on our classic soup is present in about half a million locations worldwide, so we have our rich cultural tradition of the brand switch. Design that is as old 40-odd years not to touch because it is the best selling product behind Vegeta - said at the opening Miroslav Vitković. The exhibition was officially opened by the former CEO of Podravka Paul Gaži which they assign great importance in creating the beginnings of cultural marketing of our company. Specifically, the exhibition was mentioned several times in the tradition 'golden age' of the second half of last century, when it just Podravka was recognized as a cultural patron and supporter of important cultural projects in Koprivnica, Croatia and the Drava. - Pijevci that at an inconvenient time or premature crows usually end up in the pot. But I am glad to open this exhibition shimmy cock with great desire, not only me, but all of you, let us Podravka proudly fluttering gaily - said Gaza. Organizers of the event are more than satisfied. Specifically, the "Museum Night" in Croatia was reported about 315 000 visitors and only in
Hlebine that evening had been 660th More than enough reason to have a successful museum shares continue next ear.

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