nedjelja, 9. siječnja 2011.

That we are, what we eat!

An old proverb says, that food is poison and medicine, all depends on how we take and how much we know about it. What is the philosophy of life and truth if it bit deal with. The food is actually the energy that moves us, that could not be compared to driving fuel such as gasoline, kerosene, and more. The food in nutritional terms, is the range of foods and supplements that nourish our body's cells in order to function perfectly, building up our body and mind, giving him a separate place in the universe. The diet is especially important for the supply and hranjnje gray cells. So, what we eat, calm or aggressive and prone to conflicts or pogriješnom notion of civilized society?

Modern medicine, the official and alternative indicates a preference for vegetarian diet. Studies have shown that people who eat more meat and processed meats, especially pork and beef, are more aggressive, their body fluids have a stronger odor or smell more, while the case for vegetarians and those who prefer vegetarian diet is different. These people are peaceful, not aggressive, they look nice and do not smell their body fluids. I would say that 'clean'. Often I see people around you that are suffering in their life circumstances, actually feel sorry for them because I do not think they eat. How to eat and what to eat to know or learn. Actually we had it would be important. When I write I have to take an apple for me this content to stimulate hranjnje themselves, to restore the energy of your gray cells that slowly consumes, just as the battery of my laptop, which I have from time to time amended.

Most sorry me for people who are totally give wrong foods, and in addition are also sick, and are not even aware that they have it themselves contributed, provoked or caused. I do not know how you can help yourself and heal the food! Ill run to the doctor who has given some medicine chemical origin that could not possibly be consistent with our body, which is part of nature. So already in this comparison we can find a link between nature and our bodies. Only the best natural remedies, made from plants and foods. Acids also destroy our cells, not literally, but sophisticated. If we eat acidic food which includes meat and meat products that are in our body to break down converted to pH, and enable the creation of bacteria and fungi, so a variety of diseases weaken our bodies. In fact, a few years in the natural treatment convinced I was on my own experience how sicknesses can be cured food. In the same way I helped some other people, and concluded that vegetarianism is the right way to kavalitetu lifestyle and life in general. Precisely because knowledge about diet and vegetarian approaches nowadays life span and reproduction is extended to twenty years. When we talk about diet these days, certainly can not compare the food pyramid from the past some time, you were taught back in school, with today's pyramid which has a completely different picture, in which the top of the grains as the most valuable and best motor fuel for our body. They are the best source of energy and hormones, and normal acids. (Now I have eat the seeds with yogurt). When I recently listened to a Japanese Expert PhDs in the field of nutrition, I was fascinated by his presentation, in which he prefers green beans or legumes and non-aggressive as the best food for our body. In what I convinced herself. The best natural remedy that you can solve many of disease and illness is a 'natural blood', which consists of fresh beets, carrots and a citrus, that is perfectly built and strengthened imunitet. I would say that as a defensive shield and sheath that can save us and solve many of the diseases.

None of civilized society, communities or individuals do not kill animals to satisfy their need for food to them as such, very quickly retaliate illness.

We do not live to eat rather than eat to live. So at least it should be.

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