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FIAT Freemont

FIAT Freemont individual design has defined lines with pronounced muscular front bumper and grille, while the rear end of a prominent bumper and lights in LED technology. The interior comes materials coated with a soft touch, with a cockpit that encircling the front passenger space, and is decorated with chrome elements, a modern-designed instrument panel and center console, and infotainment system with a large LCD touch screen.

This year's 81st Geneva Motor Show brings premiere of the new Fiat's MPV called Freemont, models based on the American car Dodge Journey. This is Fiat's first car that comes as a result of a partnership with Chrysler, and will be built in Toluca plant in Mexico where the products and the Fiat 500 is intended for the U.S. market. The name "Freemont" evokes a feeling of freedom, pleasure driving and outdoor adventures.

Should the need arise for extra luggage space, the third-row seat easily folds down and disappears into the floor compartment, a trunk without high-rises to 1461 liters. The second row seats can be equipped with an innovative children's chairs, while front passengers can enjoy the comfort thanks to an elevated seating position, spacious, ergonomic seats and numerous storage compartments. Came true as it was announced - FIAT has developed a new model based on the U.S. Dodge Journey MPV, which will be premiered presented at the Geneva Motor Show. FIAT Freemont moving into sales in the second half of 2011. year.

With dimensions of 489 cm in length, 188 cm in width and 172 cm in height and 289 cm wheelbase, warrants outstanding interior space, which comes standard equipped with seven seats. The third row of seats has been raised in relation to another so that all passengers enjoy the unobstructed view forward, and reach them with ease comes through the door that opens to an angle of 90 °. FIAT Freemont was designed in order to meet the different needs of families and individuals who are looking for a spacious, comfortable and versatile vehicle that follows the dizzying pace of everyday life. Vehicle kombinra flexibility and convenience with its own distinctive and original style.

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