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Th smell of cinnamon and the smell of museums in the 'Night of the Museums'

The culminatio smell of cinnamon, mulled wine, tea and cake, happened to light and sound effects dksound Event Engineering from the Old Magistrate Koprivnica Koprivnica City Museum, with the message:''hat scarf, gloves and raced in the Museum of the City of Koprivnica!''Well , here we here we are!

Specifically, international cultural event 'Museum Night' came up in our Koprivnica. The world has become's entire global village, and we are part of Europe. So 28.1.2011 held an exciting and unusual evening, which provided a real opportunity for the whole night wandering around and socializing in the museum rooms. Visitors had the opportunity to see and experience the unique way of valuable collections and artifacts of past and present time.

At several locations in the vicinity of Koprivnica and was open the doors of museum collections and exhibition. So at 18:00 hours, began with the opening of the exhibition event pictures''Podravka pevcu the Museum Night''at the Gallery Hlebine. With the presence of numerous audience attended the opening of the exhibition, Mijo Kovacic, a legend of Croatian naive art, parliamentarian and mayor of Koprivnica Zvonimir Mrsic, CEO of Podravka''''Miroslav Vitković, director and senior curator Draženka Jalšić Ernečić, H. Gazi, Mayor of Hlebine and Paul Gaži former challenged and recognized the first man of Podravka, which also opened an exhibition cock. We could say that kukuriknuo with pijevcima after zamračenog rzdoblja 'someone' umotvorine. The exhibition was presented pijevci from Podravka Rooms roosters, our famous naive artists: John Generalića, John Večenaj, Mijo Kovacic Dragana Gaži, Nicholas Večenaj Leportinova, Joseph Greguric, Zvonko Sigetića and guinea Index Milinkovic. Were also presented, and other artifacts from the collection of Podravka, whose works also bear the signatures of famous Croatian painter art sculpture and painting: Ivan Lackovic Croata, Joseph Generalić, Milan Generalić, Dragan Gazi, Joseph Turkovic, Z. Tišljar, George Labas, Eleonora Grgac, Ana Belšić, Alojz Fuker, Mijo Kuzman, K. Trumbetaš, Sofia Naletelić Penavuša.

Socializing with museum exhibition of paintings and sculptures from the art collections of the food industry Podravka dd Koprivnica with hot 'Podravka' tea and mulled wine, royal chef and culinary arts promoter Ruben Sedlanić of Podravka's culinary team at the 'Museum Night' presented by visitors to the exhibition of traditional and national dishes on a rooster, or Podravski PEVC. It was a real treat PEVC, which would not be ashamed nor the king of bygone eras, and Mr. Sedlanića would certainly be nominated for the court the chef.

In the 'Museum Night' presented to Section Koprivnica Florists Association artisans that prepared the second exhibition of flowers in the Old Magistrate Koprivnica which are presented florists offer their florist, as well as achievements, skills and knowledge of trades and cvjećarskog aranžerstva in Koprivnica. His arranging skills are introduced: Tihomir Koščak (Florist''Luna''), Anita Harambašić (flower cultivation, trade and services''Pušlek''), Irena Kovacic (florist decorate Crafts''fantasy world''), and Kristinka Galović Tatjana Habajec-Imbrišević (Florist''Tara''), Ravenna Vesna (Vesna Florist''''), Erika pine (Florist''Erik'') and Free Tintor (Florist''Rose'') from Koprivnica.

Socializing with the exhibition of flowers and the permanent exhibition was organized by any traditional museum refreshments, hot 'Podravka' teas, mulled wine cellar 'Bonum', and fruit brandy''family business''Tepki Koprivnica, Koprivnica while the museum staff, craftsmen and women in organizations Koprivnica prepared traditional home-made cakes, profession and prkače''''.

The exhibition of acquisitions since 2005. - 2010. Gallery Koprivnica began this year's exhibition season. They were exposed to works of the authors gave the museum and gallery Koprivnica Koprivnica. With new images from the Gallery collection Koprivnica Hello English Language Club Koprivnica reminded us of the psychedelic rock group The Doors, forty years of death of Jim Morrison (1943 - 1971) and his poems were read by high school students: John Gundić, Izabela Andrašić, Antonio and Ljubic Jurica Vitković. At 23.00 hours in the Museum of the City of Koprivnica divided Acknowledgments occasional donors, as a culmination of the Museum Night 'Gallery Koprivnica' was awarded an honorary thank the donor, the Italian artist thickened with MAFF, and the joint signature graphic - map of poetic''Coasts''published by the Museum Koprivnica City as a result of international cultural cooperation between the Croatian writer Enerike Bijač and Italian painters Uga Maffija With poetry readings in Croatian and Italian. Socializing with an exhibition of paintings and sculptures from the Collection Gallery Koprivnica, donors, contributors and friends of the museum completes the appropriate tastes and smells of cooking Koprivnica star Nikola Loncar from restaurants in the Golden Močilama, and the''hot''Podravka tea and mulled wine from Sunny Vilage Jagnjedovec

Every hundredth visitor Galleries Hlebine old magistrate and Galleries Podravka Koprivnica in the Night''Museum''donated commemorative gift package, and every thousandth visitor got a present image playback with dedication and original signature of the old masters of Croatian Naive Art Ivan Večenaj and Mia Kovacic. 

City of Koprivnica and Food Industry Podravka dd Koprivnica provide a free bus line in''Night of Museums in Koprivnica,''which are every hour between vehicles on public sculpture''''capon Zvonimir Loncaric front Commercial buildings Podravka - Hlebine Gallery - Old city hall - Gallery Koprivnica.

Visitors are able to truly enjoy the rich and rznolikom contents, which were conceived and designed by the organizers and representatives of the Museum and Gallery of Koprivnica and food industries Podravka dd Judging by the turnout of visitors mentioned places are more reminiscent not soft 'admirers of art and culture, so that all spaces were filled to the last centimeter.

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