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Cadillac - the beauty and perfection

Cadillac Urban Luxury is efficient and intelligently designed car A segment of buyers who want a practical and luxurious town car. Cadillac Urban Luxury is characterized by an attractive design, modern technology and low power.

After being refreshed, and increased range of models with a Buick badge, General Motors now directs his forces to increase the supply of vehicles from Cadillac badge, writes magazine AutoCar. More information for the United States are not yet available, but an American luxury brand, which last year returned to the market of Europe should be the next few years to launch seven new models.

Cadillac is currently considering the introduction of urban luxury vehicle that would be based on Urban Luxury concept vehicle, introduced last year at the Auto Show in Los Angeles. American brand with this car would primarily targeted at European customers who prefer cars with smaller dimensions. Than other models that would Cadilllac introduced, considering the smaller and larger crossover and luxury coupe that would compete with the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class.

According to new findings, the American Cadillac is considering introduction of seven new models to its line, and one of them would be targeted primarily at European customers. You guessed it, this is a city car known as the Urban Luxury.
For now it is not known if these cars could arrive in the sale, but Cadillac is currently preparing the launch of the input model of ATS and the new top model XTS. Once you fill and refreshed their bid vehicle, Cadillac would probably have to try and new segments in which he had no experience.


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