utorak, 1. veljače 2011.

Gays and lesbians, whether to people with special needs?

They belong mostly affluent strata of society, with a low tolerance to education. Although this may be an exception, as in all human appearance. Is life a game for them? If indeed it is worthy of attention. I remembered only the images that I had seen in the known world-wide galleries, thinking of the classics Breughela, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Delacroix, Michelangelo, Nuda Veritas, or as the naked truth. Observing the beauty of the body which were inspired by the world's greatest painters.

I always wondered who they are, gays and lesbians? I thought them to other beings. What are their lives different from the mundane, stereotypical, and what we have learned, referring to an emotional community that male female relationships. I realized that these are people who have different emotional prferencije of others that are formed in different communities.

Gays and LesbiÄ have always existed, we look back at the past, present and look to the future, not just too little changed. We do not need it or expect. Everything is going to progress and development and acceptance of deviant people in the community. As for the definition, status or dandyism. From ancient eras past, we can see the many facts and examples of famous artists and old masters of art that skillfully and in their own secretive way emphasized the relationship between man and man, woman and women. These show their naked bodies and perfect. Let us recall the paintings and sculptures of explicit content and poses made by Rafael, a renowned painter of the Roman court, which is precisely such motives are on the ceiling of the Sistine cap, which advocates the pope and the church veledostojnici. I wonder how come they do not mind? I would say it's art! Beautiful naked hairy men, and not in a bewitching body position, then the picture of the old Flemish painter Brueghel who is always photographed naked boys and men naked virgins how to play or iskradaju in some woods along the creek. Leonardo da Vinci, also had a tendency towards the same sex. In fact his partner was a handsome young painter and his model, whom he admired Leonardo often painted while enjoying the beauty of tumbled masculinity. So they actually created the most beautiful works of naked bodies of men and women who represent perfection in the eyes of artists and audience, which tends, today's human society. I must admit that the old masters and radically freer to express their artistic achievements of nudity, but today's artists, who are in a harness or media restrictions.
But because there are famous couples such as Elton John and his boyfriend David Furnish, then celebrity artists Gilbert and George, who publicly show that they are famous for their outstanding presentations and community. Women deliberately not to mention, there are celebrities in civil union, I still attracted to men though were gay. I love them so interesting, handsome and charming, just different. I personally know with such a person, which I am extremely pleased. Space!

There is no end to the bizarre, we can confirm the fact that the California law, recently approved the adoption of the child such deviant union, as belonging to Elton John and his partner David Furnish, which opposes any normal science. I wonder what those people who can make such ill decisions in legislation. Enough of the evil that leads the world in just the destruction and ruin, and, this is yet another confirmation of human society and stupidity that leads into the darkness of civilization and self-destruction. I wonder who will have trauma to the child when it begins in kindergarten and in school, when you realize that other kids have moms and dads, and this child will be next to him to watch two old men's faces disfigured that he did not mom or dad, but freaks. Americans were always one step ahead of civilization in many respects, inventions, innovation, social systems, more advanced of them are Japanese, where such things do not fall pamat, respecting the civilization and human being. Once again confirm that the world is ruled by a wicked business in which the last word has money, even at the cost and self-destruction.

Imagine China, which is most populous country in the world. Their government has implemented a policy of depopulation and restriction punishes couples who have more than two children. There you can buy illegal human body, dead or easily killed the fetus, which was odd. How would it be that China is exporting people, legally, how much gays and LesbiÄ in California may have children, and the Chinese GDP increased?


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