nedjelja, 2. siječnja 2011.

Painters of the new generation - Or, a thin line between professionalism and amateurism

Online Only! Up to 70% off Fine Jewelry + EXTRA $10 off Fine Jewelry orders over $75 1/2-1/15Following the painters for many years, and their actions and expressions, on the basis that I ranked them in several painting classes, and thus come to some conclusion that is in everything, however important and crucial talent. Painting is some reflection of personality, vocation, or urge, while others kill boredom, a source of profit (if at all from painting can survive these days?). Regardless of the completed, schools, seminars or academy. I know painters who paint purely recreational. At this juncture, certainly not crucial talent. They really made the crowd in the painting space, whose (non) actions diminish the value of pictures, those artists who mean something in the milieus of slikarskomk. In the said caste are some pensioners and those who do not know where you would take with you, just to kill boredom. Wool has it set to Hekla, so they received the brush at any price. They moved to some tečejeve painting, thinking that they have the right teachers, I think they are still wrong because they just pick up the money. What do they learn? Nothing! And they think they are. I do not know, nor how to properly describe the dimensions of the painting's ", and which serve behind bars impregnated cloth. Every now and confirm your ignorance. This painting is called the sandwich class. Their images or uratci are similar to each other, are similar to the egg the egg, and to them, the authors can not be tagged. All images resemble one another, as if they invented an artistic mind. Usually dominated by a dark background with light and dark shadows, and featuring the issue of accommodation. There is nothing new, there are already signs a Renaissance flair. Usually nothing to do with the environment and climate, so many times they can meet some motives mountainous regions or remote areas, as they are only seen on postcards. I heard that in the painting school 'prectava' with others' images-photographs. So these uratci are worthless, are not separate in the expression, not innovative, but the talent is useless to mention.
Another class of painters-amateurs who have sasluženo place in the painting the sky. There are naive painters, all three generations. Their talent is at a high level, and can be hand in hand to compare with for academic. When we make a comparison with academic painters, we can notice that the aforementioned 'naive' painters who boasts a remarkable talent, and have their own separate and distinctive style, painting on glass, it is inconceivable for a painter. I was surprised and I among others, met a young and innovative artists. Academic painters unlike niavaca are trained artists who have spent many years at the academy and thus acquire the necessary knowledge and skills at their talent is crucial. Some academic painters signed up only references, a brush okvače on the peg after the completion of the academy. If we compare both stumbled to a series of diversity and equality, and the end result of both of them is still quality. Rigidity in the market price of their works is a trendy determined. So the price of good pictures naive equal to the price of a good academic image.

For some time I follow some emerging talented artists who do not belong to any of naïve art or in academism. Painters are the younger generation who are fans of pop-art, highly talented, and so expressed. They used the media to reflect their personality. These are successful architects, writers, stylists, musicians, researchers said. Their images are distinct in content and expression. Themes are similar to them and the Naive. Painters are the environment. Sophisticated and inspired by the time in which they live. In a special way to express the moment, especially the price and I love painting Chet Zara, Siegfried Zademaca, fantastic, and the entire Alex Gray .. To notice is to come a new and successful painters Hun generation with new ideas and media, which is crucial academy. They are not naive though not completed the academy, they are intellectuals of the second determination and attitude. We could say that these are the lions of the new generation of successful artists and recognized, which represent a new artistic revolution. In fact, this phenomenon reminds me of the naive painter who burned and scorched 70-ih, pictures and prices were extremely high and their substantial.

In all of the really critical talent.


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