petak, 31. prosinca 2010.

I eat anything that flies, walks, crawls, swims.. - I hope that we are not cannibals ...

I eat anything that flies, walks, crawls, swims ..

I hope that we are not cannibals ...

Advertising, advertising, promotion, these are all tools of marketing that should be directional for the benefit of supply and demand, for their mutual benefit and satisfaction. Those who want something to sell any product or service in good faith, should be required to work within the ethics and morals, so at least we were taught in college.

Disgusted sentence me, I eat all fatty, sweet, salty ... all that crawls, walks, swims or flies. Content is fine and funny, just for adults who have a realistic understanding of the perception of things and phenomena, and for children is definitely harmful, because they have developed a real ability to reason. Any cultural and economic community is fighting for sustainable development, which in these deviant advertising content that we need to look for a high subscription HTV ignored, and it should be emphasized.

'I dress all', I was somewhat in line, because in this part of the advertisements talk about today's social and social status. Accordingly, the 'suits still makes a man' according to occasions and guess. Biggest Nakarada of all these advertisements are those which intend to advertise their content bank's products. Ma, lmolim you, what are the products? They are immoral and unethical phenomenon, we would say normal people and professions. In this content hiding many scams and usurious intent, which intend to take the citizens and the last pair out of his pocket. It should prohibit such advertising saržaje which advertised the Bank. They should serve the overall good of society and social aspects, such as in some developed European countries. The poor state of eyes are nearly closed in both eyes, and that they allow their laws to act as the largest creditor. And why? Because she has the benefit of their immoral and unethical 'business'.

In fact, today is the pervasive misconceptions of real value, and the biggest reason is the fight, run or grab for money, or in short wicked business.

These days I listen to and watch the TV commercial for beer sausage on our well-known brand manufacturers! Advertising messages they are evil and nonsense. Some advertisements should definitely be downloaded from the program because their display harmful for children and young people, their interests, which mostly look through idealopoklonstvo. The contents of these advertisements intend to persuade us to consume the 'best' Alcohol and eat 'best' sausages are full of fat and cholesterol. As the Croats took 5 on the scale of the statistics as thickest nation in Europe, does not surprise me 'lucid' philosophy of living that is being imposed through a commercial! And the scale of alcohol consumption also reserve the unenviable position, since we are only up drunkard, Russians, Swedes and Chinese. Brutal me when I see a nice healthy babies as a normal and fit, you must advertise nasty and greasy salami. I wonder why not put fat children spometu to advertise products, to immediately know how it will look like if they ate the 'beautiful fatty, salty, products'. The worst thing is that we lie to children, adults lie, lie, lie .. takes us where such a perverted way of life philosophy. I wonder where are the intellectuals and where the waist. Are not there? Immorality, neetika, crime flourishes. How long?

Do not think I have a real proposal and script for the right of publicity.

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