četvrtak, 26. kolovoza 2010.

Traditional HGK "Buy Croatian" on the main Square

At a press conference the head of CCE County Chamber of Koprivnica Miroslav Vitković announced Traditional Croatian Chamber of Commerce "Buy Croatian" which will be held on 4th September in Koprivnica Zrinski Square 9-13 pm. Action to be held from May to September in 21 Croatian cities, and the final will be 25th September in Zagreb's Ban Jelacic Square.  This year the campaign "Buy Croatian" specific because it was a year of economic crisis, and predictions are that the next will be even better and for all that our action is still trying to promote a quality domestic products with the aim of awareness the importance of buying such products in order to has contributed to increasing the overall competitiveness of the Croatian economy and preserve our national identity. Buy homemade quality products is important, especially during global economic crisis when choosing these products protect your job, help her and other families, develop the local economy, provide current and future pensions and the prosperity of future generations, and especially the future of our children - said Vitković. According to the announcements of the organizers, the action of Koprivnica is expected to be 140 companies from all Croatian, and so far from Koprivnica-Križevci reported 18, including the inevitable Podravka. Effectiveness of additional actions will consist, in addition to the role of the sellers are people from the public and political life of Croatian and what will, in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Koprivnica action visit King Louis of Hungary with his suite. Specifically, the action takes place at the time of Koprivnica Renaissance festivals, which in this context, the Director of Koprivnica Tourist Board Renato Labazan at the press conference praised the high quality cooperation with the city's Tourist Board Chamber of Commerce County Chamber of Koprivnica and said the action "Buy Croatian" fits perfectly in the Renaissance festive.

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