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They come with Lotus Evora and Evora Automatic

Showing in Paris. The somewhat unusual way, via e-mail sent newsroom automotive media that looks like a conversation between two employees of the company, Lotus has announced the opening of models with Evora and Evora Automatic at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. In the same e-mail has been announced that these two models will be presented at the Lotus stand along with several new models of British manufacturers. Unfortunately, at this time, Lotus does not reveal more details about these other models, but some media report that it is a model and a new generation Esprit.
Full specification Lotus Evora, and Evora With Automatic will be known later this month, but already we can say that will come up with Evora With certain improvements to the chassis and engine, while Automatic Evora will be Toyota's 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine with 280 hp ( 206 kW) paired with an automatic transmission. Lotus also announced that the new models these days will be tested on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Both new models will be sold worldwide, and prices will be known after their Lotus revealed.
As the Motor Show in Paris, every day is approaching, manufacturers have started to preach their vehicles will be presenting at this year's most important salon. Thus the Lotus Evora has announced the premiere of the model S and Evora Automatic.

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