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Electric car is in wrong country - Croatia minds no way out..

 While the XD-groves stood float in a vacuum. Salva compliment that was picked in early March at the Salon in Geneva or excellent ratings awarded by Croatian journalists, for all potential Croatian partners were completely irrelevant. Croatia really has no desire to run no matter what kind of a coherent industrial, manufacturing operation. Although the spring-ing While the company has caused quite a ceremony, and curiosity and disbelief when the prestigious Geneva Motor Show show XD - Croatian electric vehicle prototype, two-seater looks attractive - until today there is absolutely none of the domestic partner who would be with them involved in the serial production. Banks are in the whole of this process were sincere - are still brutally cold in March reported that they have not even thinking finance the production of XD's. It is easier of course credit through very high interest earning abundantly on the opposite end of the process - the sale of finished imported cars.
The government did not spare the praise, expressed the pride that the "Croatian intelligence" capable of absolutely modern products make a statement of support was not fleeing or agency to promote exports and investment. Smart, of course, be determined by a positive matter what the local production initiative. But - not necessarily their statements long be remembered and activated resources because it requires much effort, risk and tension. But times are difficult and require urgent initiative and it is easier to raise the VAT rate and introduce a special tax. However, Dok-ing is not submitted by a business owner Vjekoslav Majetić few days ago, said that despite the debacle with the incentives to invest in the domestic space, they continue to search for foreign partners.

Dok-ing income is actually very company that most of its revenue producing specialized vehicles for demining. Founded in 1992. year to date has developed into one of the most famous companies manufacturing machinery for mining in the world. "Financiers for a year shortly and we, the producers of extremely long period. It is a promise by the Government and the Agency for the promotion of exports, but no concretization. I understand that the burden of time and that in this situation is difficult to allocate money for the electric project, but I do not give up because we are convinced that this is a good product that the future mobility needs absolutely favor, "said Majetić. Dok-ing decided to start production by the end of the year to make a series of 20 cars. Additionally XD will experience the refinement of visual identity and will start with the amount of the promotional campaign and visit the countries where they could find potential investors. Since they do through the global vehicle sales for demining very good, the results should not be excluded.
For now, we know that they have shown some interest in Russian companies, it can show prospective and contacts with some Chinese and the French partners.

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