srijeda, 18. kolovoza 2010.

Podravka employees congratulated to Blanka Vlašić on European gold

 Medals due to her slaughter the entire athletic world Blanka Vlasic has enriched and European gold. In the finals of the European Championships in Barcelona after a thrilling battle to beat Blanka skipped 203 centimeters in front of Sweden's Emma Green Ariane Friedrich and the German women who were stalled on 201 centimeter. Blanka in Barcelona, raised above all its rivals, especially Tie Hellebaut that their games to influence the peace of the world's best high, but has shown he can win when it really goes. Specifically, Blanka tear down the bar to 195 and 197 cm long, even, as he later admitted herself, at one time thought to be forgiven again from the European medals. But his real strength and value shown at altitudes over two meters. From the first she jumped 201 centimeters and the second is 203 trying to overcome the other opponents were unattainable. The first gold medal from the European championships Blanka is celebrating a very emotional, a feeling of happiness and satisfaction is not hiding even now arriving in Split. The airport with the family members were welcomed by representatives from the club, city and Podravka. The words of gratitude on behalf of the Studena that Blanka's faithful companion for many years headed the Ljubomir and Maja Baric Bulić be happy champion and a bouquet of favorite flowers.



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