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Pilgrimage and sport games

The goal of our trip was a traditional pilgrimage to Marija Bistrica, and participation in sports games that have been prepared for people with disabilities, the hotel bluesun-Salve Regina near the shrine. The organizer of the event was the Association of Disabled Asistent. On the site were to encounter many associations of disabled persons from all Croatian, in favor of friendship and prayer. Thus began our Disabled Association Koprivnica-Križevci with Slavek Kuzmic headed. This time I was at his invitation, VIP guest-mentioned events.
We started early in the morning by bus in front of  building named Drava Sun. Wheel sat down for a young attractive and experienced driver Silvia, familiar to road speed invaders. It is a little strange that drive us so fragile young woman, more like a girl than a fat chauffeur with a tie and authority. I think that the emancipation finally taken their rightful place in society. Actually it was nice to see how gracefully manage large bus, and how it's all under control.
After a couple hours drive Zagora by beautiful scenery, we arrived at our destination in Marija Bistrica, where our hotel bluesun-Salve Regina was prepared warm welcome. The program is truly abundance of sporting and religious events. I wondered, how will these people who are different from the others to follow all this unenviable pace.
The first was organized in the official Holy Mass for all disabled people in the church of Mary, led by Zlatko Koren rector of the Shrine and the famous friar Bonaventura Duda. After we prayed, we're back to the hotel for lunch, where they continue to unfold sports activities and competitions. Now we are no longer clear that these people have resisted. Menu has been only a little was enough, so I looked for a home in the bosom of the church to have a little sleeping on Zagorje the beautiful sun in the silence disturbed only by the clouds and the occasional birdie. My dream was interrupted cell phone and I had to go. I admired the beautiful people have as much strength and will and sense of humor, and to never give up. In their society, their presence filled my own batteries, and the steps we have become extremely light as a feather. The pilgrimage took place under the auspices of the Krapina-Zagorje County, the City Council and the Lower Stubica Orosljavlja and present media: HRT-studio Krapina, Radio Stubica, and even some stations Croatian Zagorje.

At sports events included members of many associations of persons with disabilities from all Croatian: from Koprivnica, Cross, Cakovec, Varaždin, Sisak .. Sports discipline in which they competed were darts, swing bowls, and toss Belot circle. Our disabled Koprivnica-Križevci won two bronze medals in the discipline of darts and bowling hammock. The darts are to compete and contribute: Radmila Funtek, Drazen Mustač, Mirko Jagušić, Vjekoslav Horvatinović and myself, and hanging bowling event included: Mustač Drazen, Stephen Bacic, Slavek Kuzmic, Mirko Jagušić and Peter Baran. So decked with medals, happy we finished our pilgrimage to Marija Bistrica, a day we flew in a flash and can not go the way of Koprivnica.

We had to celebrate our success. In a nearby cafe, we made the right collection of glass bottles, a smile from the face witer girl not taken off. Our main boss and the leader Slavek Kuzmic, always encouraged us to look forward to the previous actions and extracted painted paper from her purse, all it seemed that the story has no end. Frankie as a true mascot was dominated by his broad smile makeing fun of his and someone else's account, and entertained the whole square into a shrine of Mary. I think that this is a sacred place and how it was worth the Mother of God pray for winning medals. Nothing has been disconnected. We were totally forgotten in time, we were simply in a time machine, when the reality took another surreal dimension, which was interrupted by ringing cell phones of Slavek.
It was an invitation to return in Koprivnica. We welcomed with a waitress and mother of God, so a heavy heart went to the bus, where we waited for our driver fragile broad smile, Silvija. Other passengers are not exactly had a broad smile, because we had to wait when we celebrated our earned medals. We had to somehow compensate for our lost energy. The road to home was faster than you could imagine. The bus was prevailing good atmosphere and good stock company with lots of humor and fun, it is supposed to be and dance! Suddenly we found ourselves at the starting point from where we started.

Its dexterity us again impressed by our fragile driver when the bus in a strange and impossible way, that answer is just physics, introduced in the courtyard. It was the end of our unforgettable trip, but not the end of our future meetings with the dear people who are different from each other, and that their selfless energy given separate importance in society.

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