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COMFORT WITH STYLE On the savings Citroen C3 1.4 HDi Confort

 After the C3 equipped gasoline engines, the order also came equipped with C3 1.4 HDi diesel engine developing 70 hp and packages Confort. As the 1.4 HDi engine carries the bodywork of the new C3, and how comfortable city car, with Citroen's secondary package, read the test.

Another sedmerodnevno socializing with the new Citroen C3 passed very quickly, and this time we get to test the C3 1.4 HDi diesel engine developing 70 hp and packages Confort. That the association with diesel versions were comfortable, the proof is that we have a heavy heart returned the keys of the new Citroen C3. The successor to the first generation of C3, urban vehicle inspired by the legendary Spacek, once again brought smiles to the face whenever we met with him appeared, and his green body proved to be an advantage in attracting the attention of the mostly female driving population, whose comments are mostly sounded: " Luscious is! "

Exterior and interior
As we have already said, what is the greatest weapon of the new C3 is its design. Designers have created a car that's a bit chic, a bit retro, yet modern, and its appearance fits into the design features of Citroën. C3 1.4 HDi came with a green body Cidule and attractive panoramic windscreen that Zenith is well integrated into the new C3. Design the front of the conductors large grille and large headlights, a striking detail is definitely a big Citroen's new logo. Viewed from the side bodywork of the new C3 is not moving away from the body shape of its predecessor, and his overall "bumbaroliki" shape is appealing and sympathetic.

New Citroen C3 abundant curved elements, so unless the thresholds are no other straight line. Falling roof line reminiscent of the previous generation, but the rear end of the new model has a boomerang-shaped lights, and completion of the roof is slightly nadignut successfully imitates a roof spoiler, as playful C3 at higher speeds, we must. The rear windshield is large enough and provides good visibility, a large outside mirrors provide a good overview of the road behind the vehicle and visually fit nicely into the design of the new C3. It is obvious that the Citroën thought about everything and this is praiseworthy.
Inside C3 is a great designed and very pleasant place to spend time, especially if you sit in the front seats. True, most of the elements is made of plastic, but the C3 is not a problem because we did not get the impression of cheap construction. The gray plastic on the console is so finely worked not to remove your fingers from it. Around the audio system and air conditioning controls is matte black plastic, which effectively completes the overall impression. Next to the handbrake lever is a connection for connecting an external audio device (AUX) with an audio system. 

New Citroen C3 above the center console has a display showing the function of the audio system, which is also running and trip computer information. When closing the door and moving, but at a speed of 10 km / h C3 is automatically locked, and the controls to the left of the display of information allows you to manually control the locking / unlocking the door. Control of air conditioners are very simple and easy in the short term to get used to them and pressing the "auto", air and solid quietly doing its job, without feeling the load. When sunlight becomes strong enough to bother to run, panoramic windscreen simply close sliding element.

Control panel for the instrument is laid out and beautifully designed. It consists of three segments in the middle is dominated by the speedometer, while the left-hand side tachometer, as the right to digitally displays fuel level, kilometers traveled, and when the cruise control function is activated. The absence of conventional engine temperature gauge was replaced with the signal lights located in the tachometer, which glows blue when the engine reached operating temperature.

Leather steering wheel fits comfortably in your hand. The lower inner frame is decorated with black plastic and is a great combination of visual and functional terms. Below the knob turn signal and wiper blades and behind the wheel, the left side there is a lever for cruise control management, as the right to control the audio system. Controls are logical and cruise quickly get accustomed to them.
Ergonomically speaking, the C3 is well made and everything is close at hand driver. The controls for raising the front windows are located on the driver's door, and there are immediate and controls for adjusting electric side mirrors. Armrest on the top side covered with a cloth, a lever handle can be controlled without lifting your hands from the back, but only a simple shift hands. The seats are very comfortable and solidly adhere the body, and even on longer trips do not tire the body.
The spaciousness of the front at a high level and more people without problems can comfortably accommodate, while the rear a little less room for passengers, but still enough so that even senior members of our editorial board did not have a sense of lack of space. The luggage compartment has a high volume of 300 liters which is the largest amount in the class of city vehicles, so it will meet the transportation and larger amounts of luggage. In the case of overlapping the rear seats, the volume of cargo space grows to a high 1300 liters.

The sound of the engine at low revs it is almost inaudible, and any long or short trips, with quality sound audio system, a delight in the new C3. This car has the best sound insulation in the class that contributes significantly to the feeling that you are riding in a larger and more expensive car than it really is C3. Not even a little noisier diesel engine did not interfere with comfort when it comes to noise in the cabin.

Driveline and drivetrain

Citroen C3 tested had a 1.4-liter HDi engine that does its job very fair, economical and reliable, and delivers 70 hp (50 kW) at 4,000 rpm and 160 Nm of torque at 2,000 rpm. On the new C3 engine power and torque delivered linearly, so therefore the characteristics of the engine very well expressed. Maximum speed is 164 km / h and accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 13.7 seconds, which is solid considering his weight. When it comes to flexibility, the C3 1.4 HDi engine achieves međuubrzanja evenly and did not significantly slow when overtaking other vehicles.
Although perhaps 70 hp engine at first glance does not appear convincing enough, the engine is very smooth and well worn with a body C3, even on highways at higher speeds. In doing so, it is very important, the engine is very noisy, a Manual transmission peterobrzinski awesome power and torque to the front wheels and has good ratios, so we have not even felt the need for a six-speed transmission. We believe that the courses of transmission and accurate as they should be for such a car - neither too short nor too long.

For a city car, C3 is far from the competition in terms of comfort. Softer suspension perfectly absorbs bumps in the road and makes the journey enjoyable. Body is leaning in a curve which at first may give the impression of instability in the vehicle, but the feeling after a few kilometers away. Citroën C3 has previously demonstrated a very dynamic and stable (test C3 1.4 VTi) even on very twisty roads, regardless of the softer tuned suspension and a slight body roll, and it adds a very precise control. All in all, its comfort C3 exceeds the vast majority of cars that are even above its class.
The braking system does its job perfectly, with a specific adjustment to the brake pedal, because with only the front brake discs and rear drums, C3 inhibits aggressive such as vehicles equipped with four disc brake. With ABS, the electronic brake force distribution (REF) and the system Brake Assist (AFU), C3 stops without a problem and gives the impression of a very safe vehicle. Brakes excellent perform its function, whether heated or for hours at work, and contribute significantly to the excellent driving characteristics Citroën C3.

Equipment and costs

Citroen C3 tested came with a package of equipment Confort, which includes upholstery Karl Mistral, progressive power steering adjustable steering wheel height and depth, and covered with leather, fog lights, electric front windows, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, radio/CD/MP3 device with audio Connector (AUX), trip computer, remote central door locking, folding rear bench in the ratio of March 2 to March 1, outside temperature indicator, pulse indicator, 12V power socket from the front, front airbags, safety package (side airbags, three rear headrests and driver seat height adjuster), Security Plus package (side curtain airbags front and rear, control / speed limiter and audible warning with a light bulb nezakopčanog driver's seat belt) and a 15-inch wheels.

Input price of diesel models with a 1.4 HDi engine provides 70 HP and serial equipment package Pack is 94 900 kuna, as Confort equipment package is priced 101 900 kuna. As tested C3 had to pack Confort more accessories, the price is 112 600 kuna. Accessories include metallic green Cidule, windshield and Zenith Automatic air package that includes automatic air conditioning, 16-inch wheels Valongo light alloy, a central armrest in the front and a spare wheel with reduced dimensions.

Compared to the previous generation, Citroën has made a major step forward in the new C3, which certainly results in a narrower circle of the best city cars. The new C3 is in series equipped with front and side airbags, as the higher trim and extra come airbags which, with optional Traction Control - ESP substantially increase the safety of passengers. This was demonstrated by crash-test Euro NCAP, because without a new ESP-C3 received four stars for safety, and the ESP gets them all Fri If you're wondering why your rig C3 ESP, the answer is as follows: In addition to basic fair price, price of accessories has traditionally been a good buy when it comes to French manufacturers and this is the case with Citroen.
The possibility of further sales should not be a problem because it is a smaller car with a very economical and reliable diesel engine, a renowned European manufacturer, and not to expect quick and rapid loss of value. Due to very low consumption, C3 is not a great burden for any household budget, and the costs of routine maintenance on the average market price, so even the most expensive nor the cheapest.

Citroen C3 on bail of 2 years with unlimited mileage (with possible extension to 5 years with very favorable payment), and the rust metal body 12 years. Regarding consumption, it is at C3 in the city never exceeds 6.5 L/100 km on the open road it holds about envious 4.0 L/100 km. According to our impressions, average consumption is between 4.5 and 5.0 L/100 km, although it was declared by the manufacturer to 4.2 L/100 km.
This engine meets Euro 5 standards on emissions and does not produce a large external noise, and according to the manufacturer's specifications, the 1.4 HDi engine in the new C3 emits 110 CO2 g / km, which is very good result. Therefore, this model comes with Airdream eco-signature that is assigned one of the cleanest vehicles in the range. Thanks to a strong policy that takes the environment, Citroën is now one of the most advanced manufacturers in this field. To have the right to sign Airdream the model must meet the following criteria: CO2 emissions lower or equal to 140 g / km, the vehicle was manufactured in a factory certified ISO 14001 and efficiency of the car at the end of life is 95%, of which 85% recycled.

New Citroen C3 is one of najsimpatičnijih and best cars in its class, and won a nice and beautiful appearance, graceful and attractive interior design and an incredibly high level of comfort. S 1.4 HDi engine on the side of the household budget for their fuel economy and low maintenance costs, the performance and features suitable city driving. Overall, the new Citroën C3 has earned praise in every respect and we believe that it represents an excellent purchase.

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