petak, 11. veljače 2011.

NEW - Lino lada nougat

Lino lada new dark nougat cream tastes great. It contains less than 13 percent of hazelnut, chocolate and combined with gains in the fullness of flavor and gives you the ultimate pleasure. Besides being very tasty, Lino lada nougat and healthy. Contains calcium from milk that is essential to our body to build bones and teeth, while the nuts bring vitamins and minerals.

Lino lada nougat is easy to lubricants, and along with bread and milk makes a nutritious and delicious breakfast is especially suitable for children who are intensively growing, athletes and all those who are physically active. Complements well with pancakes and ice cream, as it can be charged and traditional pastries such as donuts or pastry. You can find two grammage: promo pack 400g + 20 percent free and 750g jars.
Lino lada nougat will enrich your daily life and provide a unique sweet pleasure.

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