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Promotion of the recipe book "Little Secrets of 100 culinary delights"

Known for its extremely good and the acclaimed book of Podravka recipes is true gourmets served another, completely new and different edition of "Little Secrets of 100 culinary delights". Book Promotion, held in Zagreb restaurant Bon Appetit, the preparation of tasty dishes, gathered promoters cuisine, famous culinary names, but also lovers of good food that they personally could try dishes that are found in the book. As the title suggests, carefully selected 100 recipes with Vegeta that will surely satisfy every palate subtle. The most famous seasoning lives in kitchens around the world for more than half a century, according to a member of the Podravka Krunoslav Bešvir, although the technique does not need to be emphasized, when cooking with Vegeta, every dish was excellent. - New Vegeta's cookery book, we wanted everyone to be afraid to meet the spoon and show them how a simple, fast and efficient way they can come to the table full of tasty delights. The discovery of small secrets, such as the use of certain spices that give the food a special flavor, we opened the door to the world of cuisine to all who want to make the most of the time spent in the kitchen ", said the editor of Jelena Ivanisevic. Author Sonja Gaži Prpic even a year ago chose the recipes to the book were those for which the preparation of ingredients easily acquired, preparation is not too complex, in the spirit of the times, and ultimately irresistible. - The love of food, good and tasty dishes returns me first in his childhood in the days when I first heard about Vegeta. Thus, it was difficult sljubiti all the emotions that I have towards food and the hardworking people who helped me to dwell book, vividly present to the joy of food its genesis, appearance and most importantly, eating. - Said Sonja Gaži Prpic. On emerging book worked and Kristina Juric, M. petrel, Nenad Cenić, while the food styling in charge Ljiljana Sprem. The book is published in the edition of "Profile" in it, besides the classic dishes prepared with Vegeta, and Vegeta recipes with Nature and with Vegeta, and Vegeta piquant Mediterranean. For all gourmets who love to cook with Vegeta, the book will certainly be the right enthusiasm, the more so because every previous Podravka cook had noticed an echo .

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