petak, 6. srpnja 2012.

Happy hour with Podravka cream in Pub Kraluš

The history of consumption of ice cream dates back to ancient times. To the cooled, the Roman Emperor Nero sent his slaves into the mountains to bring snow to him by his chef enriched hazelnuts, honey and other fruits. Italian duchess Catherine Medici was also a big fan of ice cream delights and the 1533rd at their wedding guests Treats ice cream dessert. The tradition of eating ice cream continued until today, when we can not imagine a hot summer day without the best desserts. It is found in countless varieties of tastes and looks, and all about the pleasure of eating. Following the trend, Podravka and Pub Kraluš take advantage of the summer heat to their honored guests ice cream. For all the ice cream lovers are given special benefits of consuming this refreshing desserts. In fact, every Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 12 hours in Pub Kraluš with each ordered coffee you'll get a scoop of ice cream free. And if you decide to treat only the ice cream you buy two balls of your choice, one you will get a free ball. With this action are divided, and coupons. The promotion is valid until 29/07/2012. Enjoy the icy desserts!

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