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Blanka Vlasic Gold medal United UBIUDR-i

Blanka Vlasic Gold medal United UBIUDR-i

In Koprivnica Nautilus was a guest of the world and the best athlete Blanka Vlasic. She was accompanied by his father and coach Josko Vlasic. The occasion was the awarding of Great golden plaques Blanka Vlasic Podravka Veterans Association, which awarded her its president Mladen Pavkovic. On this occasion said that Pavkovic is Blanka one of the most prominent Croatian "ambassador" because for years all over the world, except that achieved victory after victory, a very successful propagation and the Croatian state, and thus our just struggle for its realization. Defenders have praised the convenience of thanksgiving and Josko Vlasic, one of the best coaches.

- Although I recently often received recognition and awards me this particularly happy because it comes from the Croatian war veterans who have created the Croatian state - she is the best sportswoman of the world.

Blanka and her father are particularly delighted appearance known ethno singer Miroslav Evačić who sang a song Podravina, while Brandon Dolenec gave Blanka a cartoon on which it was drawn to skip for now, not altogether successfully achieved a height of 2.10 cm.

- All of us wonder when they will realize that Blanka record. We do not know! But ... hopefully soon - said that Josko Podravka Veterans Association as a small token of appreciation given to a large photo of Blanka Vlasic.


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