nedjelja, 4. srpnja 2010.

Casanova Festa erotica

Erotic film by Rajko Grlic 'shall remain among us' entered the official competition 45th International film festival in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, and is competing for the prestigious festival's Crystal Globe award. Showing the film at the festival in Karlovy Vary is also its international premiere. The festival will be held this year from 2 to 10 July 2010. , and Grlićev film festival will premiere 8th July 2010. Casanovafest - festival of love and eroticism, will be held from 24 to 26 June in Vrsar. Movies Casanovafesta vogodišnje the Libertas film estivala edition will be held from 2 to 6 July, and the audience was expecting more than 90 screenings of films and film workshops and round table on co-productions in Croatia and the region. Declared by the members of the jury 6th Libertas Film Festival: Mira Furlan, Robert Lantos, and Dante Spinotti. Mira Furlan should not pose particular - is one of the few Croatian actress who has succeeded in Hollywood, while the U.S. has lived and worked for twenty years. Jury President Robert Lantos, a Canadian producer of Hungarian roots, and produced over 30 films including 'Eastern Promises' and 'Being Julia'. Dante Spinotti the Italian director of photography known for recording hits such as' LA Confidential 'and various works of Michael Mann:' Last of the Mohicans', 'Gangster', 'Heat'. Grlićev film about adultery goes to the Czech Republic, and Czech tourists in Vrsar can dream erotically with the festival. Casanovafesta this year will be dedicated to the Mediterranean and the erotic film greats such as Federico Fellini ('Casanova'!), Tinto brass, and Bernardo Bertolucci ("The Dreamers"). Casanovafesta Gallery will host a great erotic works by Miroslav Šutej, Ivan Balic Cobra will present photos and Rina Gropuzza Bratoš Mare, while part of this year's festival will be held literary evenings with a feather Kvesic as moderator. Visitors will also night entertainment, lectures and performance Jelena Radan showgirls and dancers' Do not touch this. A bronze plaque was won 'Bars & Tones' author Andre Chocrona from Norway, a music video inspired by the bar code labels, silver' Other Being 'Iranian author Mashaallaha Mohammadija, strange animated film about the murdered man, from whose blood appear red fish, a golden' Retrocesso Wagner 'José Olimpia Junior from Brazil, the dramatic story of mass murderer and his victims in high school, told backwards. In Pozega, held 18th Crominute - One Minute Festival. Grand Prix of this year's One Minute Film Festival in Pozega and a prize of 1,000 euros went to an animated story of 'Well-no-rama' Italian author Zucchija Diego, the old man who travels by train and fail to see the beauty surrounding it because it was given the inevitable departure. Special Award of the Blue movie won the erotic dream, 'Dream' Croatian author Damir Tomic, and the audience award Macedonian author Mice Čapovski for the film 'When bevme young', nice story told about the life stages of animation shoes. UNICA Medal was awarded film "Order is repetition of units" Grog Bartha Canadian authors.

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