utorak, 17. svibnja 2011.

Blanka announced the new season

World Cup in Korea (1st September) and the Diamond League meetings will be the main challenges that are set before the season that Vlasic was announced at a press conference in Split. It should be added to show jumpers at a rally on the most beautiful open-air stage, Split Riva and Blanka's efforts to join the circle of magnificent jumper with more than 100 rebounds over two meters.

- All plans are subordinate to the Olympics in London 2012. year and there attempt to take gold. In addition, Blanka defending double crown champions of the world and, if repeated this feat in Korea, would be the first in history where it failed - announce Josko Vlasic.

Blanca is the first time in his highly successful career planning skipped the indoor part of the season, while announcing the first competition in the open (May 15 in Shanghai) that recognizes the weary than ever before.

- Start of the season after a great but very hard preparing greeted very tired. Also meeting in Shanghai is not very happy solution because of the distance and time difference, the only form of raises, but it is my obligation to be there in the finest light-says Blanka.

The best athlete in the world, the first important track this year's competition and good wishes Studena that starts with a new advertising campaign called Water which I believe where Blanka expressed great confidence in the spring water Studena.


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